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Product Research & Dilligence

Thinking of moving or upgrading your systems or applications. The task of selecting the proper solutions can be daunting as well as a legnthy process.  In many cases the client does not have enough broad experience in either the underlying technology these proposed platforms are based or the ability to serve the future technical needs. 

Prime has vast experience in many system and application platforms from Accounting, CRM, Productivity, File Systems, E-mail to Wireless and Camera Systems.  Even when the correct platform is chosen to move forward with, the installation and configuration details can make as significant difference as the choice itself.

Avoid the typical missteps when relying on your technology provider to help you choose the correct system or application. This misstep is derrived from technology providers limiting their selections from a pool of products they either receive rebates or are registered resellers therefore linking the pool to products that will generate additional revenue for themselves.  The selection pool should be as broad as the industry itself so the choice is made completely around your needs rather than their revenue stream.

We at Prime take pride in the guidance given and choices we make for our clients.  We help you make the correct choices for your needs.

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