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Infrastructure Services

From Network Design, or Systems Architecture to daily maintenance, we are proud to have the flexibility to utilize the operating platform that best suits your company's needs to provide an efficient and cost effective solution.

Prime MSP answers a need in the marketplace to provide quality and first-rate network design & integration services. The staff at Prime MSP is ready to help companies maximize technology’s many benefits.


Network Installations


Pre Installation Consultation
Prime MSP specializes in designing the total business solution for your company. To do this, we believe we must learn about your company before we can arrive at the right solution for you. Certified Prime MSP engineers will first meet with you to determine your needs. What are your frustrations with your existing system? What do you want to get out of your computer systems? If you are just starting up, what are your expectations? Do you feel that your company information is safe? Once we hear your concerns, we can better understand your business and begin planning your solution.

Evaluation Pre Proposal

Once Prime MSP's engineers have consulted with you; we will perform a thorough evaluation of your company's computer infrastructure. In many cases extensive diagnostics will be run to find out how we can improve upon your current systems. We will also investigate what software application will be best to serve your business needs. For example would you be better off running your own e-mail server, such as Microsoft Exchange or do you require a better database to complete and store your company information? These are just a few of the many questions we will answer for you.


Network Management


Cisco Premier Certified PartnerPrime MSP's Network management plays an important part in assuring that your network is running at peak performance. Network management helps you to monitor the strengths and weaknesses of your network, as well as determine any configuration changes that may be necessary. Prime MSP has what it takes to manage your network and maximize its performance. Any controlled changes to your network and its components-especially configurations, software and cabling, can have an effect on its overall efficiency.


Anti-Virus SolutionsTo maintain control, you need the tools and knowledge to manage all activity that has the potential to affect your network. Our certified technicians have the experience necessary to oversee all aspects of your networking infrastructure. Prime MSP will use the latest remote access application and resources to provide you with the fastest and cost effective network management solution.


Prime MSP will meet or exceed your goals when selecting a Consulting firm. Please contact us toll free at: 1-877-FIX-WORK (1-877-349-9675) or by E-mail.

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