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Application Interfaces  

Application Development using Microsoft .net technologies among othersThis is one of the areas that Prime MSP absolutely separates ourselves from the competition.  This is also an area that applies itself to many facets of our business.  The following scenario is where Prime MSP out shines its competitors.

Example: Although a busy E-Commerce website is a wonderful thing and most likely profitable. If your website is not dynamically linked to your in-house customer base and their records and providing straight through processing of orders you are throwing away a large percentage of your seemingly high profit margins due to double and triple order and data entry.  In today's world there are not too many reasons why you wouldn't want to dynamically take orders into your in-house accounting or fulfillment system.  This is where you realize the real beauty of doing business online rather than merely having an online presence.  Prime MSP provides this straight through processing at the most reasonable effective cost to you allowing you to enjoy the soonest possible return on investment.

We also know that to provide that type of dynamic efficiency you need a provider that owns and operates a network infrastructure and/or Datacenter staffed with certified engineers. Prime MSP is just that company, we own and operate our Datacenter.  In fact we supply hosting to a number of computer consulting and hosting companies whom choose not to manage their own public/private hosting network.  When you do business with Prime MSP you can rest assured that your data is where you expect it to be, in our safe and responsible hands.

We have successfully designed and built many types of interfaces including:
  • Membership Management Applications and Websites
  • Trading Systems and Back Testing
  • Secure File Transfer Systems
  • Online Bill Payment Systems
  • UPS Shipping Systems
  • Accounting Packages
  • Accounting Packages to Inventory Systems
  • Accounting Packages to Customer Service Systems
  • Websites to Order Entry Systems
  • Websites to Accounting Packages
  • Information strategically shared to Corporate Intranets or Extranets
  • Line of Business Systems to Online Reporting Portals
  • Time and Billing Systems to Project Management Systems
  • Line of Business Applications to Document Management Systems
  • XML, Delimited and formatted text Uploads and Extracts
  • Dynamic and Batch Based update processes
  • Live Business Systems to Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Locations
  • In House Order Processing or Fulfillment Systems to Online Order Status and Notification Systems
  • In House Order Processing or Fulfillment Systems to Vendors and Customer Systems



Prime MSP will meet or exceed your goals when selecting a Development firm. Please contact us toll free at: 1-877-FIX-WORK (1-877-349-9675) or by E-mail.

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